Young's Old Shop Hardware, Lumber, Paint & Garden Since 1973

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We Are The Best Kept Secret on The Eastern Shore!

We stock, or can quickly order, any building, hardware or garden/landscaping product that you can think of.

Lumber, tools, hinges, knobs, nails, paint, ladders, saws, knives, electrical and plumbing supplies, windows, doors, roofing and siding materials, rakes, shovel, wheel barrows, dog houses, birdseed, soaps, decoys, drill bits, traps, gloves, wood trim and dowels. We don't have enough room on our website to list everything. You'll just have to visit us. © 2011 Young's Old Shop 27119 Turkey Run Road Mears VA 23409 | (757) 824-4434 | forged →easwd |